Unveiling the World's Largest Lithium Deposit: Its Global Impact and Investment Potential

This blog post looks into the groundbreaking discovery of the world's largest lithium deposit along the Nevada–Oregon border. It explores the deposit's potential impact on the global lithium market, national security, and investment opportunities in companies like Lithium Americas Corporation and Albemarle Corporation.


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10/2/20234 min read


In an era where renewable energy and electric vehicles are at the forefront of technological innovation, lithium has become an invaluable resource. This soft, silvery-white alkali metal is a key component in rechargeable batteries, making it essential for a sustainable future. But what happens when the largest lithium deposit ever is discovered? Let's delve into this groundbreaking find along the Nevada–Oregon border and explore its potential ramifications.

The Discovery: A Game-Changer

Nestled along the Nevada–Oregon border lies a lithium deposit of unprecedented scale. Estimated to contain between 20 to 40 million tonnes of lithium metal, this deposit dwarfs even the famed lithium reserves beneath Bolivia's salt flats. The deposit is located within the McDermitt caldera, a volcanic crater formed around 16 million years ago, rich in minerals like sodium, potassium, lithium, chlorine, and boron.

Historical Comparisons

The significance of this discovery can be better understood when compared to other major lithium deposits. For instance, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia was long considered the world's largest lithium reserve, with an estimated 9 million tonnes. This new discovery potentially quadruples that amount, making it a game-changer in the lithium industry.

Interesting Factoids

  • The McDermitt caldera, where the deposit is located, was formed 16.4 million years ago.

  • The area is sacred to Native Americans and is believed to be the site of a massacre in 1865.

  • The lithium content in the mineral illite found in this deposit ranges from 1.3% to 2.4%, which is exceptionally high.

National Security Implications of U.S. Lithium Deposits

Lithium has become a critical material for various modern technologies, especially in the production of large-capacity batteries used in electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and even military applications. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has recognized the strategic importance of securing a domestic supply chain for lithium. The DoD recently entered into a $90 million agreement with Albemarle Corporation to support the expansion of domestic mining and production of lithium. This investment aims to enhance national security by reducing dependency on foreign supplies, strengthening military capabilities, and contributing to economic prosperity.

Controversies and Challenges

While the discovery is monumental, it is not without its challenges. The area is sacred to Native American communities, adding a layer of complexity to any mining endeavors. Additionally, the environmental impact of extracting such a large amount of lithium could be significant, raising questions about sustainability and regulatory approval.

Company Spotlight: Lithium Americas Corporation (LAC)

Lithium Americas Corporation, commonly known as LAC, is at the forefront of this discovery. The company plans to commence mining operations by 2026. Their proposed extraction method involves removing clay with water and then separating the lithium-bearing grains through centrifuging. The clay will then be leached in vats of sulfuric acid to extract lithium.

Stock Analysis: LAC and ALB

For investors eyeing opportunities in the lithium sector, both Lithium Americas Corporation (LAC) and Albemarle Corporation (ALB) present interesting prospects.

Lithium Americas Corporation (LAC)

LAC's stock is currently in a zone of support on the monthly chart at $16.19. This zone often serves as a reliable entry point for long positions, especially when aligned with other technical indicators. Additionally, the stock is $3 higher than the lower Bollinger Band on the monthly chart. While these indicators may suggest a potential upside, it may be prudent for investors to wait for a higher low on the daily chart before considering a long position.

Albemarle Corporation (ALB)

Similar to LAC, ALB's stock also exhibits strong technical attributes but at different price points. Recently, Albemarle received a significant boost in the form of a $90 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense. This grant aims to support the expansion of domestic lithium mining, particularly the reopening of Albemarle's Kings Mountain, N.C. lithium mine. The grant is part of a broader U.S. strategy to secure domestic supply chains for critical materials, enhancing both national security and economic prosperity.

Potential Impact

The discovery could revolutionize the global lithium market. Given the size of the deposit, the U.S. could become less reliant on lithium imports, thereby enhancing national security. Furthermore, the discovery could influence lithium prices globally, affecting everything from electric vehicle costs to renewable energy storage solutions.


The largest lithium discovery ever along the Nevada–Oregon border is a watershed moment for the lithium industry, renewable energy, and companies like Lithium Americas Corporation. Investors should keep a close eye on LAC's stock, especially given its current technical indicators. As we move towards a more sustainable future, this discovery could be the catalyst for significant changes in the global lithium market.

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